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Game Descriptions  - 2018


MLB (playoffs)

"The Vig"  Boston RedSox +117

Yes.  We're going against the New York Yankees in their home with the last opportunity to win this thing in New York. This game is certainly headed for yet another blowout, or going extra innings.  We'll choose extra innings as this is a very critical game.  New York Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia is washed up.  We don't care what his era looks like and how many guys he struck out over his career.  He's basically done, cooked,washed up, tired, over the hill, fini,terminado, finito, afgewerkt, baigtas etc etc. No matter what language we use here to denote.. turn him over "he's done". We cannot believe that the N.Y. Yankees would place the ball in this guys hands KNOWINGLY that their season is on the brink of elimination.   Well, it kind of makes sense doesn't it? This sets the stage for C.C Sabathia's long awaited termination of his crazy one  year $10 million dollar contract.  

Normally, when a game gets out of control like it did last night, the opposing team (Yankees) actually digs in and certainly take care of business on their own turf.  It's certainly a pride and egotistical situation that an athlete needs to "get focused" and clearly win the next contest.   However, the mighty Boston RedSox aren't messing around any longer and that's obvious behind the proverbial "Beat Down" in which Boston handed New York Last night 16-1.  No big time analysis with trends necessary here ladies and gentlemen.  Just get your ticket and get on this money train like all of us and let's make it happen captain.

We're so confident about the Boston Redsox as our winner today, that we will provide you with an "gratis" investment opportunity tomorrow and the entire next week if this game loses.  

The RedSox are the better defensive team turning more double and triple plays than their hapless  southern neighbors Yankee opponent.  When there's a decision to be made regarding teams on the brink of collapsing , We'll choose the better defensive team every single time.  Besides Sabathia is pitching  tonight versus Rick Porcello we say  to our fellow Bostonian's... Happy Days are here again and welcome to the World Series!  So, you can now "pauk the cah in da garage" ! 

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters "IS GETTING PAID".  We're not in this business for big discussions that turn into nothing.  We give you the games and you flat out win.  If it doesn't make dollars..... It doesn't make sense. That's our motto or slogan. 

So, guys without further reading or rattling on about statistical data and trends, take the Boston RedSox  and just get paid today.  We know how to get you paid so SLAM it BABY!  

Prediction:  Redsox  7; Yankees 5  | Actual Score: (Redsox 4; Yankees 3)  Dsp winner! 


MLB (playoffs)

NEO:  New York Yankees EV

Really? Do the linesmen really believe that just because the Boston RedSox have the best record in the Bigs during the regular season that they should be favorites in this second game of this playoff series?  Of course they believe this statement. And most of you do too.  That's why we are very efficient money making monsters at this game.  It is a game of financial decisions and we rarely make mistakes in this arena.  We lost yesterday by a run however today, we won't make that same mistake.  There comes a point and time where data makes sense and the analysis of the data makes ZERO sense.  This is why the so - called best analysis of the data will be right in our business about 55-60% of the time and the rest is flat out WRONG.  Last we checked, you cannot make exact predictions in this business if you haven't : 

(A) played the sport

(B) know the human motivating factors

(C) don't have a feel for the game 

(D) If you solely listen to other touts blindly

(E)  Followed data, trends and modeling to provide you with consistent winners.  

We're so confident about the Yankees as the winner today that we will provide you with a free play tomorrow and the entire next week if this game loses.  The Yankees organization has the better hitters and big game players on their rosters.  They may be second in the East to actually win this thing, however, there's NO way they shouldn't be favored in THIS second game of the series.  

The RedSox are the better defensive team turning more double and triple plays than their (sometimes)  hapless Yankee opponent, however you have to HIT the ball if you want to win in this series.   We won't go into this at all right now because we know and understand that at the end of the day, the only thing that matters "IS GETTING PAID".  We're not in this business for big discussions that turn into nothing.  We give you the games and you flat out win.  If it doesn't make dollars..... It doesn't make sense or cents. That's our statement for today. 

So, guys without further reading or rattling on about statistical data and trends, take the New York Yankees and get paid today.  We know how to get you paid so SLAM it BABY.   

Prediction:  Yankees 6; RedSox 4    | (Actual Score: 6-2) DSP Winner! 

June 6, 2018


NBA:  Golden State Warriors -5

Today, the Golden State Warriors aren't taking any prisoners.  The Warriors certainly win tonight in Cleveland and the house that Lebron James made famous in the state of Ohio.  In this series James is the villain "Thanos" in the latest "Avengers Infinity War" however, in this episode Thanos "James" loses but everything stays normal.  Don't take us wrong, we absolutely are astonished with his leadership, skills, talent and resolve to win games.  However, he's fighting a battle he can't and will not win.  This is just not possible from our perspective.  

There are just too many super heroes on the Golden State Warriors team.  They certainly have too many weapons and unless something "FREAKY" shows up like the "Architect" showed up from the Matrix and guarantees a win by "Fate" this thing is all but over.   Not only is "Iron Man" Steph Curry" "Captain America" Klay Thompson,  "Thor"  Draymond Green, "  "Spider Man" "Kevin Durant", " Black Panther"  Andre Igudola ,  "Incredible Hulk"  Javelle McGee and "Vision" Livingston  and a host of other super heroes and avengers on this Warrior team that are amazingly talented.     

The point is that without looking at too many statistics,  it doesn't matter as the outcome has already been predestined for this Warriors team in 4 games.   Think about it.  In our opinion, Houston SHOULD have been the winner of the Western Conference 2018.  The key player in the prior series was "Chris Paul". If Paul is healthy, Houston goes and Cleveland gets the same treatment as the Warriors are giving them currently however, possibly worse. 

You don't have to know about super heroes in order to get paid here, the earlier descriptions are merely  metaphors to a situation that appears to be just dire for the other side of our loser (Cavs).  All you need is common sense.   We are witnessing greatness in Golden State maybe for the final year.  We may as well enjoy it and stop "Thinking About the outcome" because this is simply "Way too Easy".  Don't mess this one up. 

The Golden State Warriors capture their 3rd NBA championship in 4 years.  It should be 4 of 4 in our opinion.  However, they win easily tonight going away.  This investment opportunity is strong enough to be our Eagles Nest Play for the month.      This gives you some sense of why we do this and earn money the easy way.  It's like taking candy from a huge baby.  Get ready to back up the 3 trucks to the nearest bank and just pour money into the cargo area freely, easily and consistently. Go get paid tonight...    Just bring in the noise and "Swing IT BABY!!!!" 

Prediction:   Golden State Warriors 123  -  Cleveland Cavs 99    (Actual score Warriors 108- Cavs 85... Winner!)




William and Mary -7

William and Mary sits in fourth place in a very good Colonial Athletic conference.  The Tribe (W&M) are favorites for a REASON in this game.  There are no known injuries and their opponents UNC Wilmington Seahawks are in 7th place which is only 2 places from the very bottom of league standings.  

This game will not be close today as the Tribe recently loss by 2 points @ Northeastern University and they have a serious attitude and are SUPERIOR to their opponents who basically can't boil water, take out the trash or clean up their rooms without someone telling them what to do.  In fact,  we have nursing bottles and pampers waiting for them at half time so that their mommies can feed them and change their diapers at half time...... (LOL)   

So, let's slam a jamma get to grips and make  your man flip when he sees our grip as it comes from our lips so "don't trip" ya dip.  Slam this game! 

W&M  77 UNC 60                                 (actual score  W&M 96-83)  winner!

March 17, 2018  (12:00 est) 


Villanova U -11

The past few days have been hectic and some of you may have gotten other plays that I've had personally and it turned out be a day of pushes in some cases.  Some of you got parlay winners. We are going to stick to this site information as it is always profitable. As we move into the second day of the "March Madness" craze, we at DSP want to keep a few things in perspective with this adage " Tigers cannot change it's stripes".   If you've been tuned into College Basketball recently, some teams show up and some teams do NOT show up.  It takes a championship frame of mind and perspective to continue at this game for long periods of time.  Great teams have great coaches who recruit great players and then they take them from high school and change their course by preparing these players for the "Next Level".   It's been said by many great players in the past that the only difference between a great college player and a great professional players are their thirst and continuation of perfecting their craft and adding new moves and challenges, (drills, conditioning, habits) their professional approach about the game, their "willingness" to do what it takes to be the best they can be and lastly the strength of their resolve to be the best  "in their own minds" while maintaining a grateful attitude. 

When it comes to Villanova University Basketball their is a "REASON" why head coach Jay Wright continues to have success at this University each year at this the Division 1 level and being at the top of one of the top leagues ( Big East) in the country.     Today, this Villanova team takes on a really good Alabama team which has surprised many when they toppled Virginia Tech.    It didn't surprise us as in this game there was not a clear winner or even a clear cover.  Our intention is to stay away from these games as they are "willy nilly" and "hope to God" winners.   We clearly do NOT believe in this philosophy or find it a credible way to do business on ANY level.  We review facts, stats, stay away from the "rats" as we get "PHAT" with our Hard Hats, and combat, the chitchat while we refrain from the doormat plays that we can't consider winners.  Last night we made a huge mistake on Creighton University as they just get waxed by a "crippled" and not that good Kansas State team.  Trust us, Kansas State will lose this next game and we'll be there to wager against them. 

Without getting into the stats regarding this game as anyone can get on the internet and find this information and make a relatively easy determination to find the winner here. However, can they find whose going to cover this game?   It's not easy for some.  We place our trust in in this Villanova team and their consummate  way of preparing.   There are 2-6 factors in this game that provide us with the winner, cover and winner and they are as follows:

  •  Alabama's two top guards are freshmen and they are superior. However, they haven't played at this level and these many games in a season. 
  •   We very much respect Alabama's coach Avery Johnson.  We love his work ethic and his knowledge of the game.  However, we don't trust him in these types of situation. Remember when Avery coached the Dallas Mavericks up 3-0 (NBA Finals?)  they lose?  
  •  They (Alabama U.) doesn't have the arsenal and fire power from top to bottom that Villanova can bring. 
  •  Villanova is 7-1 in their last 8 games on a neutral site.
  •  Villanova is probably now ranked #2 to win this tournament after Virginia cashes it in against a #16 seed (no surprise with their top guard and scorer out)
  •  Villanova understands how important it is to "Send a Message" to the rest of the teams in the tournament indicating that this won't and can't happen to us.

Get ready to smash this game. Villanova clearly wins this game by 13 or more today.   We don't like the early games so much as it takes most teams one half to get going early however the Wildcats wins this game going away with 3 minutes to go. This game takes place at 12:00 eastern and 9:00pst.    Be like Nike and Michael Jordan "Just do it".   Slam it baby!  

Prediction:  Villanova 85 - Alabama U 67              (actual score: Villanova 81- Alabama 58) winner! 

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